We are a 2nd generation

family business

Every company has its own history, and that of our family business goes back two generations. The former company of tetec already supported the constant growth of the Dutch nozzle manufacturer FLUIDICS INSTRUMENTS, which was founded in 1977, with the mediation of the first and still existing customer connections.

To complete the program and offer our customers the widest possible range of special products for oil and gas firing, products from the Italian pump and gas solenoid valve manufacturer DELTA-ELEKTROGAS and the electric motor manufacturer SIMEL, were added later to the sales program.

Today, tetec’s product range covers approximately 4,000 different items and after more than 50 years of history, we have a client base of more than 250 active and satisfied customers. Since most of our articles require technical explanation, we do not only specialize in selling these articles, but also offer support to our customers in the planning and design phase, as well as advice regarding practical implementation. Thus, we take benefit from our decades of experience in this special field.

Founder Hans-Joachim Müller

with son Jürgen 2000 in the new business premises

We are only satisfied
when our Customers
are satisfied.

Jürgen MüllerExecutive Director

We are only
satisfied when
our Customers
are satisfied.

Jürgen MüllerGeschäftsführer

We are only satisfied
when our Customers
are satisfied.

Jürgen MüllerGeschäftsführer

We offer know-how and high-tech regarding fossil fuels

For more than 50 years we have been dealing with all questions concerning the atomization of liquid fuel. In addition to high-pressure atomizing nozzles, compressed air and steam nozzles, we can also offer related components such as burner lances, with and without integrated shut-off valve, with hydraulic or pneumatic actuated needle shut-off and in conventional steel or stainless-steel construction. To regulate the nozzle performance, flow regulators are also part of our program. In addition to nozzles for the atomization of oil and other liquid media, special designs for independent multi-fuel atomization by compressed air or steam, are also available. To complete our range of nozzles, we also offer nozzles for atomization of water or liquid waste.

Since we do not run our own production, we see ourselves as a mediator between our customers and the manufacturers with whom we have been working together successfully for decades. In this context, we accompany the development of the individual products until their serial production. Just report us your problem and we will try to find a solution together with one of our partners.

We stand for


The high-tech production processes of our partners on CNC machines are amongst the most modern and of the highest quality, worldwide. They are as precise as a Swiss timepiece.


We don‘t just do a sample inspection. Each product that leaves our premises, has been tested extensively! Complaints and returns are close to 0%!


Our products are efficient and energy saving. Thus being kind on your wallet and on the future generation’s resources.


We are flexible and adapt our products according to the needs of our customers, including assistance in development of new products or custom-made products.


We want a real partnership: our main focus is to meet the customer’s wishes and needs. We are only satisfied when you are satisfied!


We are a 2nd generation family business. What we do, we do with gratification and passion. For us, it is more than just a profession. It’s been a vocation for more than 50 years!


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Jürgen Müller

Executive Director

Phone: 089 / 319 45 73
E-Mail: info@tetec-mueller.de

Johann Wildgruber

Sales / Marketing:

Phone: 089 / 319 45 73
E-Mail: info@tetec-mueller.de

Sarie Müller

Sales / Accounting

Phone: 089 / 319 45 73
E-Mail: info@tetec-mueller.de

Nahysha Rossouw

Orders / Sales

Phone: 089 / 319 45 73
E-Mail: info@tetec-mueller.de

The Team in Cunewalde

Our warehouse in 02733 Cunewalde, Weigsdorfer Berg 14

Office: Mrs. Claudia Tzschippang
Office & Sales: Mr. Markus Tzschippang
Warehouse management: Mr. Holger Tittelbach
Receipt of goods: Mrs. Birgit Hahmann

Telefon: 035877 / 228-0
Telefax: 035877 / 228-22
E-Mail: info@tetec-mueller.de

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